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Dear students!


Academician Shakhmardan Yessenov Scienсe and Education Foundation jointly with a group of Kazakhstan scientists working abroad, launches a summer internship program in World laboratories  for students wishing to enter doctoral studies.
The program purpose is to search for, select and support talented Kazakhstan students wishing to engage in scientific activities in the future and to develop the scientific potential of the country.
The project objectives:
1. To select talented candidates with a strong motivation to develop science and research activities in Kazakhstan;
2. To provide maximum assistance in the search for relevant laboratories and professors for students to undergo internships;
3. To form a group of consultants, who are ready to help, to give appropriate recommendations for admission to the internship.
The project terms: November 2017 - September 2018.
Stage 1: November-December 2017 - Informing students, notification;
Stage 2: December 2017 - January 2018 - selection, determination of winners;
Stage 3: January - March 2018 - work with candidates (search for programs, correspondence with professors, writing essays, collecting documents, filing applications in laboratories, etc.);
Stage 4: March-April 2018 - obtaining results;
Stage 5: May 2018 - provision of sponsorship;
Stage 6: June - August 2018 - internship;
Stage 7: September 2018 - receiving reports, summarizing results;
The project is held in the competition format:
1. Carrying out of competition on the basis of received applications
2. Carrying out of competition in the format of training / interviews

Application form
Regulations about the program


Contact number: +7 727 346-92-88
The application with all the package of documents must be sent to the Foundation e-mail: 



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