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Exhibition promoting the strengthening of cultural ties between Hungary and Kazakhstan



For many years, the Central Museum has been actively developing cooperation with the Consulate General of Hungary in Almaty. On March 14,teaching staff and undergraduates of the Institute of History and Law of Abai KazNPU visited the photo exhibition «The Way of the Deer», organized by the State Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Hungarian General Consulate in Almaty.

The exhibition is dedicated to the creative works of the famous photo artist Odon Blaumann, a professional hunter who was fascinated by the beauty and grandeur of his native land, 65 of his works acquaint visitors with the wildlife of Hungary; magnificent pictures of various moments of life and habitat of wild animals; A short film specially shot for this event will be shown. Visitors to the exhibition will get a lot of impressions from acquaintance with thematic expositions, reflecting aspects of the history and culture of Hungary: «Holiday of the Hungarian science», «Hungarian Orientalists».

In 2000, Odon Blaumann began making films about wild beasts. In his collection of 55 DVD movies that are successful in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy. In Hungary, his films are broadcast on the channel «Fishing-hunting». In addition, he made professional educational films for hunting schools and advertising for hunting companies. As O. Blaumann notes: «Wildlife photography and filming is my life with love and humility. Every moment in nature amazes with its perfection, and the fact that I can fix these moments is a real miracle for me». The solo exhibitions of Odon Blaumann were held in the major cities of Hungary - Budapest, Szekesfehervar, Pape, Pechier, Zirtzen, and also abroad: in Germany (Dortmund), Austria (Salzburg). His work adorned the covers of hunting magazines, the hunting newsletter (PIRSCH, WILD und Hund), calendars of various kinds were published in newspapers, books.

The exhibition «The Way of the Deer» is dedicated to the memory of rare cloven-hoofed deer animals which migrated 10-15 million years ago from Central Asia to Europe and other continents. Their life harmoniously intertwined with the Hungarian nature and had a positive effect on the results ofhunting management. Hungary is home to one of the best herds in world comparison, which includes red deer (Cervus Elaphus, gímszarvas), fallow deer (Dama Dama, dámszarvas) and European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus, európai őz).

The exhibition, organized with the support of Technodom Operator JSC, contributes to the strengthening of cultural ties between Hungary and Kazakhstan.