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Kazakh writing in Latin script: alphabet and spelling rules

On December 18, in accordance with the action plan for current school year, the conference «Kazakh writing based on Latin graphics: alphabet and spelling rules» organized by the scientific and practical center «Latyn» was held in Abai Kazakh national pedagogical University within the framework of the program «Rukhani zhangyru». During the conference, presentations were made by such scientists as Nagima Ilyasova, Mayra Zhunisova, Akbota Konyrova, Bizhomart Kapalbek, Nazira Amirjanova.

The conference discussed current problems of the modern Latin alphabet and spelling, as well as solutions and implementation of tasks. New methods of teaching Kazakh writing, based on the Latin script, and methods for students to learn the alphabet and spelling rules were considered. The orthographic analysis of the Kazakh writing based on Latin graphics was carried out. The goals of modernization and improvement of effective ways of transfer of the Kazakh writing to society were realized.










Institute of Philology and multilingual education