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Abisheva Saule Dzhunusovna



She was born and studied in Almaty. In 1976 she graduated from KazPI named after Abay. She worked as a teacher in secondary school No. 63 in Almaty. In 1984-1987 studied in graduate school at KazPI named after Abay. Since 1987 she has been working at KazNPU named after Abay, where she defended her candidate and doctoral dissertations. Since 2006, he has been heading the Department of Russian Language and Literature. She is the author of 327 scientific and methodological works. She has 3 copyright certificates. H-index 2. Winner of the state grant "Best University Teacher - 2017", State Scientific Scholarship 2022.



Educational institution


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KazPI named after Abaya.



KazPI named after Abaya.



KazPI named after Abaya.

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Candidate of Philology

Theory of literature


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Theory of literature. Textual criticism




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Bachelor`s degree:
History of Russian literature of the twentieth century, Theory of literature.
Master`s degree: Systematic analysis of a poetic text, The world of nature in Russian and Kazakh poetry of the twentieth century, Philological analysis of a literary text, Author and hero in returned literature, Structural-semantic analysis of the text, Poetic text as a system.

In doctoral studies: Structure and semantics of a poetic text, Literary text as a system.


Deals with the problem of systematicity of poetic text, Russian and Kazakh poetry of the twentieth century. Author of 222 scientific works, including 6 monographs: "The poetic system "natural world": Structure and semantics. Almaty, 2002; "The poetic world of M. Makataev." Almaty, 2018 (in Russian, Kazakh, English), etc.; Urban text in the space of intermediality // Russian word in a multilingual world: Materials of the XIV Congress of MAPRYAL. Nur-Sultan, 2019, pp. 1728-1735; The dark substance of chemistry in the poetry of B. Kenzheev // Polilog studia neofilologiczne, Slupsk, 2020, No. 10. P. 123-133; The structure and semantics of color images in the poetry of D. Samoilov // "I had the good fortune to be a Russian poet": Samoilov readings. Vol. VI. M.: Flint; Science, 2021. pp. 84-95; Structure and semantics of images of glass and windows in the poetry of Bakhyt Kenzheev // Polilog studia neofilologiczne. Slupsk, 2021, No. 11. P. 97-108; M. Makataev poetry syndagy tabigat beynesin styldik erekshelikteri // Bulletin of KazNU named after. Al-Farabi // Ser. Philological (special issue). 2022, No. 2. P. 23-31; Semantics of color images in the poetical world of Bakhyt Kenjeev // Polilog. Studio Neifilologiczne. No. 12. 2022. pp. 169-184; Verse style of the poetic group "Moscow time". Polilog. Studio Neоfilologiczne. No. 13. 2023. S. 7-16. About two basic monochromes in the poetry of D. Samoilov // Proceedings of the Institute V.V. Vinogradova, No. 2, 2023. Рp. 251-260.

8 articles with impact factor were published: Mythological Three Colorings Semantics and Horse Archetype in Slavic and Eurasian Traditions // Middle East Journal of Scientific Research, vol. 14, No. 9, 2013. R. 1190-1195; Meaning of fiction in the formation of students` identity, Opcion, 2018; Poetics of modern literature of Kazakhstan, Opcion, 2018; Reception "Requiem" V.A. Mozart in the Poem by M. Makatayev "Mozart. Requiem" // Journal of Research in Applied Linguistics, 2020, 11 (Special Issue), R. 1-10; Transformation of Family Norms in Modern Literature of Kazakhstan // Journal of Research in Applied Linguistics, 2020, 11 (Special Issue), R. 20-29; Reading skills of first-graders in Russia and Kazakhstan: a cross-cultural study // Psychological Science and Education. 2022, T. 27. No. 5, pp. 107-120; The colorful world of David Samoylov`s poetry // Przeglad Wschodnioeuropejski, 2023, 14 (1), pages 131-247.


Problems of teaching literature at school and university. 93 methodological works have been published, including 2 textbooks on the Russian language for universities, 6 textbooks on Russian literature for 11 grades, 10 manuals, 4 electronic textbooks, state educational standards, standard programs and EP in the specialty: Russian literature. Textbooks for 11th grade students of OGN (EMN) secondary school. Almatykitap Baspas. 2020. Russian literature. Textbooks for 11th grade students of OGN (EMN) secondary school. Almatykitap Baspas. 2020. Electronic resource.


AWARDS. Badges of KazNPU named after Abay ("Uzdik Ustaz", "Ayryksha enbegi ushin"); anniversary medals of KazNPU named after. Abay (2018, 2023), anniversary medal of KazNU named after Al-Farabi "For contribution to the development of the university", Jubilee medal for the 90th anniversary of M. Makataev (2021). Badges of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "For contribution to science" (2013), "Honorary worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2018).



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