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Week of Languages
"Language value of a nation"


   Department of educational and social work and youth policy KazNPU named after Abai, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1000 anniversary of Almaty city, held Week of Languages "Language value of a nation"

   Solemn opening with congratulatory speech opened the Vice-rector for educational work Ishpekbaev Zhanatbek Eshenkozhaevich. Heartily congratulated on the occasion of special significance in our independent country - the Day of languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

   Language - a special tool, the closing of man against man, nation to nation. Therefore, as the President, Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev, responsible language policy is one of the main consolidating factors basis of the unity of society.

   Language - the support of friendship, the language - a special tool to promote closer relations among peoples. Great Abay said: "The knowledge of the language and culture of another nation makes a man equal with these people, he feels at ease ...»
   Traditional annual decade lasted from 16 to 23 September. In accordance with the plan of activities for all institutions held round tables, meetings, competitions, concert programs.
   Week of Languages ended informative action "Жеті жұрттың тілін біл, жеті түрлі білім біл", as well as a concert program "Тіл - халықтар достығының тірегі" organizers, who is the Student Assembly of the "Birlik".
   At the end of the event, students of faculties received thank-you letters and gifts from the university administration. In addition, handed to mentors merit certificates.

Department of educational, social work and youth policy