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Manapov Nurlan Tursymbekovich



Age, date of birth:

53 year, 05.01.1966


Almaty, district 1, 28-16

Marital status:


Mobile no:


E-mail address:



Deputy director for educational work of institute of natural sciences and geography of KAZNPU named after Abai

Work experience:


From 01.01.2008          KAZNPU named after Abai  Deputy

till present                   director for educational work


01.09.1994 -                 Secondary School  №104

31.12.2007                    Teacher



31.08.1994                    KazNU named after al-Farabi

                                      Junior researcher


have letters of thanks and diplomas of KAZNPU of Abai. awarded with the certificate of honor of Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan, 2017.



1983-1991       Kazakh State University                         

                         named after S.M. Kirov

                        Specialty: chemistry

                         Diploma: УВ № 668651 from  01.07.1991


Professional development, courses, additional education:

1. KazNPU of Abai "Polymeric hydrogels for medicine", professor Vitali Hutoriansky. Reading, Great Britain, 2015., in volume of 72 hours.

2. Ministry of Education and Science. Joint stock company «Өрлеу» Біліктілікті арттыру ұлттық орталығы»  Spain. Valencia. The polytechnical university , 2015. 240 hours;

3. The national research Tomsk Polytechnic University, institute of natural resources "Use of the educational and laboratory Chemistry complexes for performance of laboratory works on discipline "Physical chemistry" during the period from October 26, 2015 to November 8, 2015 in volume of 72 hours.

4. KazNPU of Abai "History and methodology of ecological education", "The theory, a technique and technologies of training of ecology", the doctor of pedagogical sciences of the Russian university Andreyev N.D., the period from October 06 to October 18, 2014 in volume of 18,54 hours;

5. KazNPU of Abai "Practical psychology in education", the candidate of psychological sciences Ayzman Nina Igorevna, the Novosibirsk university of 2014, in volume of the 72 hour.

6. KazNPU of Abai "Modern psychophysiology in education", Doctor of Biological Science, the prof. Ayzman R.I., the Novosibirsk university of 2014, in volume of the 72 hour.

Language skills:

Kazakh - mother  tongue,  Russian  - free, English  - basic

Professional skills and knowledge:

Author more than 35 scientific articles

Author of a methodical grant at the rate "Computer Chemistry" of 2011;                Author of the textbook of Ministry of Education and Science "Computer chemistry";

Area of scientific interests use of computer programs in the field of chemistry of 2016;

Have professional skills in development and creation of training courses:

develop and give in the Kazakh and Russian languages elective courses in computer chemistry to specialties 5В011200-Chemistry, 5В060600-Chemistry;

create electronic textbooks.

Personal qualities:

Responsibility, working capacity, accuracy.




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