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Application for appointment of a candidate to a vacant position


Name of vacant position:

Deputy Director of the Department of Digitalisation of Education

Main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

- Interaction with contractors on the conclusion and execution of contracts, with organisations for the supply of equipment, software, services, components and consumables.

Main responsibilities:

- Ensures acceptance of equipment, components and materials by quantity and quality;

- Maintains material records of equipment and materials;

- Analyses and supervises the operational work of the entire department;

- Maintains the document flow in the department`s area of activity;

- Controls the preparation of automated workstations;

- Develops instructions for working with programmes, draws up the necessary technical documentation.

Travelling on business trips:

If necessary


Higher or postgraduate education in the relevant area of staff training

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

At least one year of experience in a managerial position.

Professional Competencies:

- Know: Constitution of the RK;

- Law of the RK "On Education";

- Law on Combating Corruption;

- MS ISO 37001:2016.

Personal competences and qualities:

Responsibility, punctuality, decency, desire for new knowledge.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages the candidate should be proficient in)

Kazakh, Russian.

Computer Skills:

Proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Power Point, Word), ZOOM, Teams, working with e-mail (Outlook Express).

Deadline for submission of CV:


Contact Person:

Zhuldyz Tutkabayeva

tel: 291-18-29