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Application for appointment of a candidate to a vacant position


the vacancy is closed


Name of vacant position:


Main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

1. The Psychologist of the Psychological Support Service, under the guidance of the coordinator, participates in various processes of psychological support for the development of the educational process.

2. Participates in drawing up plans of the Psychological Support Service and writing educational and methodological programmes of various types of psychological support. Participates in the preparation of reports on the implementation of the tasks of the university development strategy in accordance with the work done on psychological aspects.

3. If necessary, provides assistance to students through psychological counselling, carries out the study of materials and information on the state of psychological support in various departments, analyses and summarises the results of psychological control and consultations.

4. also the Psychological Support Service takes part in round tables, master-classes, seminars, trainings of other departments of the university.

5. Participates in writing and publishing educational and methodical documentation on various issues of psychological support of the university staff.

6. Introduces the results of practical work in the practice of educational process of the university. Contributes to the creation of psychological climate and favourable conditions for the preservation of health and satisfaction of corporate interpersonal motivational needs.

7. Systematically improves his/her professional level, participating in the improvement of psychological culture and competence of the subjects of education.

Main job responsibilities:

Conducting psychological consultations, psychodiagnostics, trainings, seminars, meetings, organising round tables and group work.

Travelling on business trips:

If necessary


Graduate degree in psychology.

Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

Experience of working as a psychologist for at least 3 years. Experience in such areas of psychology as psychodiagnosis, psycho-counselling, psychotherapy, psychoprophylaxis, psychoanalysis.

Professional competences:

Professional and communication skills, behavioural flexibility and professional etiquette.

Personal competences and qualities:

Responsibility, organisation, confidentiality, restraint and patience.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages the candidate should be proficient in)

Fluency in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Computer Skills:

Fluent use of Microsoft Office and internet browser.

Deadline for submission of CV:

Until 20 January 2024

Contact Person:

Send resumes to:

Uzakbayeva Nazgul Zhauingerovna

Work tel.: 291-18-29.