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Meeting with scientific secretaries of dissertation councils at Abai KazNPU

Abai KazNPU has 14 dissertation councils. On February 24, 2022, the Department of Science organized a meeting with the scientific secretaries of dissertation councils. At the meeting, the head of the Department of research and training of scientific personnel, G. Baimbetova - conducted explanatory work on the functions of the dissertation Council and the procedure for the work of the council. The following issues were considered:

- on review of amendments and additions to the «Rules for awarding degrees» and «Standard Statute of the Dissertation Council» added to some Orders of the MES RK (of 09.03.2021, No. 98);
- on the regulations ensuring the activities of the Dissertation Council on the public defense of doctoral dissertations (live online broadcast on the Internet), on the information posted on the Internet resources of the University, and the procedure for the defense;
- on attracting scientists from relevant research institutes to temporary membership in the Dissertation Councils at the University in accordance with the directions and subjects of theses and dissertations presented for defence, their compliance with research areas and publications in the information base Web of Science and Scopus;
- on the work procedure of dissertation councils, the observance of legal provisions and rights in the appointment of official reviewers for works submitted to the dissertation councils;
- on the new model of official reviewers` comments;
- on the rules and technical and software peculiarities of completing the electronic ballot and secret ballot (filling in of the ballot) by the members of the Council.

During the event, an exchange of views took place between the scientific secretaries on how to follow the sequence of doctoral student attestation documents in accordance with the new rules.

Head of the Department of research and training of scientific personnel of the Department of science G. Baimbetova in her final speech concluded that the further continuous cooperation with the scientific secretaries of the dissertation councils will increase the scientific potential of the University, ensure the quality of documentation work.



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