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 Absatova Marfuga Absatovna
Chief Scientific Secretary
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, The Best Teacher of the University (2012), Bolashaq fellow (2021), The Best Teacher Abai KazNPU (Digital teacher 2022)
13 Dostyk Ave.


Regulations on the Academic Council of the non-profit Joint Stock Company «Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University»

Information about the composition of the academic staff


Academic Council of the University created by the Rector of the University.The Academic Council of the University may include the rector, vice-rectors, heads of departments, representatives of the faculty, student and community organizations of the university.Chairman of the Academic Council of the University is the rector. The Chairman shall appoint the deputy chairman. In the absence of Chairman Deputy Chairman shall act.The Academic Council of the University is approved by the Rector of the University.The work of the Academic Council of the University provides the Chief Scientific Secretary .


The objectives of the Academic Council of the University

- promoting the further development of the University ;
- joint efforts of the university , its faculty members, administrative staff , teaching and support staff and maintenance staff to prepare a competitive professionals that meet modern requirements;
- creating the necessary conditions for students and teaching staff of the University for the successful implementation of the programs of professional education and development strategy of the university;
- strengthening the material - technical base of the university.

The competence of the Academic Council of the University


- approve the structure of the university;
- makes changes and additions to the Charter of the University ;
- determines the strategy and vision of the university ;
- makes proposals on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation
- departments of the University ( laboratories , departments , institutions, departments, etc.);
- decides on all fundamental questions of the organization of educational , research , international, financial, administrative and business activities of the University ;
- hear annual reports of the rector , vice-rectors of university deans and heads of departments of the University of the forms and methods of teaching , research , education , international, information , financial, economic and administrative activities ;
- organize the supervision of financial and economic activities of the university ;
- determines the order of extra budgetary funds , as well as areas of reinvesting revenues generated through the provision of educational services and sales of products ;
- identifies new areas of training but multi-level system of higher education, and forms of education ;
- approves the curricula of all levels and forms of education;
- Consider and recommend to the edition textbooks,
- manuals and pedagogical development ;
- decides on the transfer of students from a pay offices and an educational grant for education in the form of external ;
- makes decisions on the appointment of scholarships established;
- President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and scholarships ;
- is to award academic degrees and associate professor ;
- consider issues of representation of university staff and creative teams to the state , the government awards and honorary titles ;
- considers other issues of the university , requiring collective solutions .