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 Bekpatshayev Murat
Director of the Institute
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate professor
Tole bi str.86, office 202
 +7(727) 272-75-87, 87054018866

 Khamrayev Sheripidin Itahunovich
Deputy director for Academic Affairs
Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent
Tole bi str.86, office 203
 +7(727) 261-15-76

 Ualiyev Zair
Deputy director of scientific work and international cooperation
Doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of NIA RK
Tole bi st. 86, office 224

 Mukhashev Zhasulan Erlanovich
Deputy director for educational and scientific work
Tole bi st, 86
 +7(727) 272-82-72




Mission - Training of highly qualified teachers and specialists in the field of mathematics, physics, computer science and IT-technologies based on world methods and national heritage.


Vision - The Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics is a modern scientific and technological, innovation center for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, as well as the development and commercialization of new technologies.


The Institute includes:

- 4 departments («Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling», «Department of Physics», «Department of Informatics and Informatization of Education» and «Department of Methods of Teaching Mathematics, Physics and Informatics»);
- pedagogical STEM park (3 laboratories);
- international scientific laboratory for problems of informatization of education and educational technologies;
- laboratory for applied research and technologies for teaching physics;
- 12 educational and scientific laboratories of physical and technical profile;
- 8 computer classes;
- 2 language laboratories;
- assembly hall;
- library, reading room and hall of electronic resources

The chronicle of the institute begins in 1928, when the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics became one of the first faculties of the university. Today the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics is one of the largest divisions of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University.


The educational process of the institute includes university and postgraduate education (magistracy, doctoral studies). Currently, the institute has 1,887 students, 194 undergraduates and 66 doctoral students. The share of foreign students is 2%.


Educational programs. The Institute trains personnel in 14 educational programs for bachelor`s, 8 master`s and 7 doctoral studies:



Master`s degree

Doctoral studies

6B0150 - Mathematics

7M01501 - Mathematics

8D01501 - Mathematics

6B01502 - Mathematics - Physics

7M01504 - Physics

8D01504 - Physics

6B01503 - Mathematics - Computer Science

7M01507 - Computer Science

8D01507 - Computer Science

6B01504 - Physics

7M05302 - Physics

8D05302 - Physics

6B01505 - Physics in English

7M05401 - Mathematics

8D05401 - Mathematics

6B01506 - Physics-Informatics

7M06101 - Informatics

8D06101 - Computer Science

6B01506 - Computer Science

7M06102 - Information Systems


6B01508 - Computer Science in English

7M01405 - Technology and Robotics


6B01509 - Computer Science and Robotics



6B05302 - Physics



6B05401 - Mathematics



6B06101 - Computer Science



6B06102 - Information Systems



6B06103 - Mathematical and Computer Modelling




The institute has 3 Dissertation Councils for the defense of dissertations for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), doctor in the profile:

1. 8D010900 - Education Mathematics.

2. 8D011100 - Education Iinformatics, 8D060200 - Science Informatics.

3. 8D011000 - Education Pphysics, 8D060400 - Science Physics.