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 Sydykhov Bakhyt
Director of theInstitute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Doctor of pedagogical sciences
Tole bi str.86

 Orazbekov Zhasulan Nurlesovich
Deputy direct for Academic affairs
PhD doctor, Associate Professor
Tole bi str.86

 Nurmukhamedova Zhanara Muratovna
Deputy Director for scientific work and international cooperation
PhD doctor
86 Tole bi, office 211
 +7(727) 272-63-49

 Mukhashev Zhasulan Erlanovich
Deputy director for educational and scientific work
Tole bi st, 86
 +7(727) 272-82-72





Training of highly qualified teachers and specialists in the field of mathematics, physics, computer science based on advanced methods, national heritage and global approaches.


VISION - 2025:

The Higher School of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics is a center for training teachers of a new formation.


About the Institute

The Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics (IMPI) was founded as a Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in 1928. It became one of the first faculties of the university and began its activity from the Department of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics, consisting of nine people. Ermekov Alimkhan Abeuovich was the first dean of the faculty and the author of the first textbooks in the Kazakh language "Course of Higher Mathematics", "Kazakh Mathematical Terms". He graduated of the Mining Faculty of the Tomsk Technological Institute.


Currently, the Institute is located in downtown Almaty on Tole Bi Street, 86.


The Institute includes:

four departments:
"Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling"
"Department of Physics"
"Department of Informatics and Informatization of Education"
"Department of Methods of Teaching Mathematics, Physics and Informatics"

twelve educational and scientific laboratories of physical and technical profile:
nine computer classes;
two language laboratories;
and more than 30 classes for lectures and practical working.


In addition, when organizing the educational process, the Institute uses the material and technical base of the pedagogical STEM park of the university with three educational laboratories (laboratory of robotics, mechatronics and measuring instruments).


The Institute offers graduate and postgraduate programs, including following areas:

1. Training of Teachers (educators) in the Natural Sciences
2. Physical Sciences
3. Mathematics and Statistics


The Institute provides training in undergraduate, master`s and doctoral studies in the following educational programs:



Master`s degree


6В0150 - Mathematics

7М01501 - Mathematics

8D01501 - Mathematics

6В01504 - Physics

7М01504 - Physics

8D01504 - Physics

6В01505 - Physics in English

7М01507 - Informatics

8D01507 - Informatics

6В01506 - Informatics

7М05302 - Physics

8D05302 - Physics

6В01508 - Informatics in English

7М05401 - Mathematics

8D05401 - Mathematics

6В05302 - Physics



6В05401 - Mathematics




For students of EP 7M01507 - Informatics, double-degree education is implemented with the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after. V.P. Astafyev.


Benefits of studying at our Institute


The Institute provides continuing education at all levels of education - bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral studies. A large number of state educational grants are allocated for the educational programs of the Institute.


Students in the direction of training teachers of mathematics, physics and computer science are provided with an increased scholarship. Excellence students are provided with a Presidential Scholarship.


Scientific and practical conferences are organized annually for students, where they have the opportunity to report their results on research work. There are various clubs for the interests of students.


Now, 2762 students are studying at the Institute, of which 2400 are undergraduate students, 333 are undergraduates and 29 are doctoral students. The share of foreign students is 2%.


To organize the educational process, the Institute is staffed with highly qualified teaching staff. Currently, the Institute has 154 employees, including 22 Doctors of Science, 40 Candidates of Science and 27 PhDs, including 2 Academicians and 2 Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The degree of teaching staff is more than 60%.


21 teachers of the Institute are holders of the title "The best teacher of the university" of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the results of 2021, 3 teachers became the holders of the title "Best University Teacher-2021" of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as 2 teachers of the title "Best Researcher of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2021".


The teaching staff of the Institute are the leaders and executors of research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the results of the previous reporting year, more than 45 teachers published their scientific results in journals indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus scientific databases.