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The composition of the commission, approved by Order of the rector No 06-03-02/100 of 11.10.2021.

Chairman of the Council: E.A. Buribayev - Vice-Rector for Research, Doctor of Law, Professor.

Deputy Chairman of the Council: Abdigapbarova U.M. - Acting Director of the Department of Science, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor.

Executive Secretary: Ainakulova A.M. - Master of Humanities.

Council members:

Kosov V.N. - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor (physics);

Berdyshev A.S. - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor (mathematics);

Khan N.N. - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor (pedagogy);

Safronova L.V. - Doctor of Philology, Professor (philology);

Sagimbayeva A.E. - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor (computer science);

Begalieva S.B. - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor (philology);

AidarbaevaD.K- - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor (biology);

Baimbetova G.A. - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (physics);

Mikhailova N.A. - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor (fine Arts);

Sailybayeva Zh.Yu. - Candidate of Legal Sciences, Acting Associate Professor (jurisprudence);

Asymova D.B. - PhD (history);

Layshanov Sh.U - PhD (geography);

Ilyasova G.U - PhD (chemistry);

Kosherbayev Zh. - PhD (music).


The working procedure of the Research Ethics Council: meetings of the Research Ethics Council are held upon receipt of applications.

List of required documents (to obtain an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Research Ethics Council):

- statement addressed to the Chairman of the Council (download here).

- doctoral dissertation, research project /or other scientific work;

- reviews of scientific consultants /scientific supervisors;

- the conclusion of the department (structural unit) where the dissertation or research project / or other scientific work has been completed.

Documents for consideration by the Council are accepted 5 working days before the meeting.

NOTE: in case of an emergency and/or quarantine, we kindly ask you to send all documents to the email address of the Department of Science: in PDF format.


The meetings of the Council are held in an offline format with the obligatory invitation of the authors of dissertations.