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 Abaeva Galiya Askerbekovna
Director of Institute
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor
Tole bi st, 31



Institute of pedagogy and psychology KazNPU named afterAbai is one of the best center of training of teachers-psychologists, specialists in practical psychology, primary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, social teachers, teachers of special schools for children with disabilities, teachers of self-knowledge.

The goal set by the Institute is to train educated, qualified, healthy, competitive professionals who meet modern requirements.

Institute of pedagogy and psychology was founded in 1999 on the basis of two departments: Defectology(Special education) and PMPE(Pedagogics and method of primary education). The new faculty was headed by Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor R. M. Koyanbayev, who invested a lot of effort in the creation and formation of the Institute. In memory of his merits as the founder of the faculty and the first Dean, the auditorium № 29 of the academic building is named after R. M. Koyanbayev.

With great love and gratitude, we remember the deceased veterans of pedagogical work, who left a noticeable mark in the history of the Institute: doctor of science, Professor Sabirov T. S. (his name was given to the office № 27), doctor of science, Professor Karaeva M. A., doctor of science, Professor Satkanov O. S., associate Professor Zavalishin L. I.


In the period from 2004-2008, the faculty was headed by doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Adambekov K. I., then from 2008 to 2011 - doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Shakhanova R. A., from 2011 to 2017 - doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Serik Mukhtarovich Kenesbaev, from 2017 to 2020 - doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor B. A. Almukhambetov.


Currently, the Institute is headed by candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate prfessor Abayeva Galiya Askerbekkyzy


To date, the Institute has 6 departments, the teaching staff consists of 148 professionl specialists. Among them are well-known in the Republic of Kazakhstan, academician, doctor of Sciences, candidates of Sciences, PhD doctors and highly qualified and experienced.

The teaching staff conducts the educational process in the form of interactive training based on modern information technologies.

The Institute carries out continuous work related to the new system of education, aimed at increasing international relations through the development of state standards.

The material and technical base of the Institute is equipped with modern information tools, computers, interactive whiteboards, allowing young scientists to develop in a variety of creative ways in the process of the educational process and research activities. In the building where the Institute is located, there are equipped classrooms in the areas of specialty, 2 computer classes connected to the Internet with classrooms, a language laboratory for the study of English. The main functions and activities of the Institute are aimed at training highly qualified specialists with creative achievements, capable and giving quality education to future generations. The teaching staff of all departments are well-known scientists and teachers of the Republic, who participate in the improvement of state standards, standard and working programs, curricula in accordance with the directions of specialties. At the same time, in the new system, they master knowledge and new learning technologies, introduce textbooks, teaching AIDS, electronic textbooks, complexes and syllabuses into the educational process.

Special presidential degrees and scholarships are established for students who study very well at the Institute and take an active part in public work. Altynsarin.

Also during the academic year at the end of each session the best students of the paid Department of the Institute can take part in the competition announced for vacancies from the state grant, and the best students can become owners of the state grant. The management of the University is constantly concerned about the health of students, the education of young people with disabilities, students from low-income families.

Every year more than 400 students studying at the full-time Department of the Institute are provided with hostels. In addition, by order of the rector of the University on a permanent basis, students studying on a fee basis are awarded a grant of the rector for family reasons and benefits are provided for the tuition of many students.

The Institute carries out a lot of work to strengthen international relations. Research work of students is carried out at a high level. Scientific works of many of our students received grants and became winners of competitions. Students of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology in recent years in a row win the Grand Prix at the Olympics in the relevant specialties among the universities of the Republic.

The Institute of pedagogy and psychology currently has a fairly expanded network of cooperation with the top universities of the near and far abroad. In particular, effective cooperation with Universities has been established, which confirmed the existence of bilateral agreements:

Far abroad:
- Turkey (Ankara Gazi University);
- Leipzig University. Germany;
- Pedagogical University Heidelberg, Germany;
- Academy of special pedagogy named after Maria Gzhegozhevska. Warsaw, Poland;
- University Of Tamagawa (Japan);
- Linguistic-technical University in Sveche - branch in Psashnysh (Poland).
Neighboring countries:
- Lithuanian University of Education, Vilnius, Lithuania;
- Boris Grinchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine;
- Taras Shevchenko national University of Kyiv (Shevchenko national University of Kyiv), Kyiv, Ukraine;
- State pedagogical University. L. S. Makarenko, Sumy, Russian Federation;
- Grodno state University. Yankee Kupala, Russian Federation;
- Omsk state pedagogical University, Omsk, Russian Federation Ryazan state University named after S. A. Yesenin, Ryazan, Russian Federation;
- Russian state pedagogical University.A. I. Herzen;
- Moscow state pedagogical University,Moscow, Russian Federation;
- Pedagogical Institute of Kyiv University.B. Grinchenka;
- Novosibirsk state pedagogical University", Novosibirsk, Russian Federation;
- Teacher professional development Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation.

In order to train highly qualified specialists and involve students in the best forms of pedagogical work, the Institute continues and improves creative ties with educational institutions of the city (school, gymnasium, Lyceum, kindergarten, College).

Educational work with students is carried out by various theoretical and practical activities planned for the annual educational work with the heads of educational work, during the year, together with students, various activities are carried out. In particular: to familiarize with the internal rules of the University, the code of ethics, to conduct educational hours of leaders of educational work, not to miss classes without good reason, to monitor academic performance, to attract students to social work, to form psychological and moral conditions in the group, to maintain constant communication with the parents of students.b. work can be said. Among the student groups held literary evenings, meetings, discussions, debates, open educational hours in various forms.

Academic drama theatre. M. Auezov and a visit to the youth theatre them. G. Musrepov, concerts held in the Kazakhconcert and Philharmonic. Zhambyl, visit the Museum of art. Kasteeva, the national library is carried out by the Dean`s office and mentors, who pay special attention to the organization of educational work. In order to effectively organize and coordinate the educational work of the Institute work: the Council of curators, the student Council, the public Directorate of students, the trade Union organization of students, the charity club "MEYIRIM", the anti-corruption Commission.

The management of the University is constantly concerned about the health of students, the education of young people with disabilities, students from low-income families.

The Institute has developed a stable tradition aimed at quality education, the implementation of high standards in the research field, the expansion of international relations.

The Institute of pedagogy and psychology trains specialists in the following areas:


Bachelor degree


Educational areas of training




B001 - Pedagogyandpsychology


Pedagogy of preschool education and training

В002 - Preschool training and education


Training of teachers without subject specialization

B003 - Pedagogy and methodology of primary education


Training of specialists in social pedagogy and self-knowledge

B019 - Training of specialists in social pedagogy and self-knowledge


Training of specialists in special pedagogy

B020 - Training of specialists in special pedagogy (Defectology)




Master`s degree




Pedagogy of preschool education and training


Training of teachers without subject specialization


Training of specialists in special pedagogy


SocialSciences - Psychology

PhD doctor`s degree




Pedagogy of preschool education and training


Training of teachers without subject specialization


Training of specialists in special pedagogy


SocialSciences - Psychology