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Summer Language School 2021

For two years now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, the language summer school at the faculty for foreign citizens and pre-university training has been offered in an online format. It has enabled teachers and trainees to learn and integrate new digital technologies into the learning process.


From 15.06 till 15.08.2021 the Summer language course «On-line courses of Russian language» is functioning at the Department of Philological specialities for foreign citizens. Trainees are citizens of TORFL courses from the Philippines, Korea, China and Bangladesh.


The virtual excursions and online lessons expand their knowledge of the Russian language, give insights into the peculiarities of Russian culture, teach them to express themselves in Russian in various communication situations and even to understand Russian jokes.


The warmest wishes are expressed by the trainees of the online courses to the organisers and teachers of the Summer School.










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