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        At the faculty for foreign citizens and pre-university training (Foundation) was held a round table on the topic: "About the introduction of a unified standard of the Latin alphabet", which was held in the framework of the discussion of the program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev «Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan`s identity». During the round table were raised  questions of the spiritual foundations and traditions of the Kazakh language, the role of language in the formation of personality, questions of studying the spiritual heritage of ancient Turkic book monuments. Dean of the Faculty Kh.N. Zhanbekov spoke about the need to understand the seriousness of the tasks set by the President before the scientific community of Kazakhstan. Head of the department of philological specialties for foreign citizens and pre-university training S.B. Begaliуeva noted that at present there is a need to comprehend new trends in the functioning of the Kazakh language as a world language, the development of new directions. Associate Professor N.M. Minaeva  emphasized а special role of the native language in the formation of personality.

          According to the general opinion of the participants of the round table, the transition to the Latin schedule is a necessary step in the modernization of education. This process should be carried out gradually and carefully, and the new  graphic  should reflect the features of Kazakh phonemes as much as possible.


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