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Advisor hour, devoted to the day of the first President of Republic of Kazakhstan


On November 30, 2017, an open advisory hour devoted to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at the Faculty for foreign citizens and pre-university training (Foundation). Advisers of the Chair of Philological specialties for foreigners and preparatory trainingorganized the thematic evening, consisting of several stages:


1) Why on the 1st of December the people of Kazakhstan celebrate the Day of the First President? (Mamytbekova L.K.)
2) Biography of N.A. Nazarbayev. The Path of the Leader of the Nation-from the metallurgist to the president. (Mamytbekova L.K.)
3) A: The Family of the First President. Our president is a man of the people.
B: Creativity of the family. (Aytkazina T.T.)
4) First Lady of the Republic of Kazakhstan - S.A. Nazarbayeva. Scientific project "Moral and spiritual upbringing of the younger generation".A new academic discipline - "Self-knowledge" (Minaeva N.M.)
5) Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan. (Nurakhunova G.M.)
6) An absentee journey through Kazakhstan (Balgazina B.S.)
7) Quiz: The first President of Kazakhstan. (Kazabeeva V.A.)
8) Letter of congratulation to the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from students of theFaculty for foreign citizens and pre-university training (Foundation).

Throughout the entire advisory hour, students and trainees of the chair actively participated in the dialogue, asked questions and perceived the material, revealing the president not only as a politician, the leader of the nation, a statesman, but as a creative person, patriot of his people, a peacemaker. Students in their speeches noted the tolerance of the peoples of Kazakhstan, peace and harmony, tranquility in the state.
The results of the event were summed up by the head of the department, Ph.D., Professor Begalieva S.B., noting that young people should set strategic goals, try to achieve success in the future affairs, because tomorrow they must build, protect, strengthen peace and friendship between peoples.








Coordinator for educational work Mamytbekova L.K.

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