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Rouhani zhangyru: following the road of great ancestors

As part of the Action Plan of Abai KazNPU for the implementation of the conceptual foundations of the «Rouhani zhagyru» program for 2018-2019 years, from April 15 to April 17, the Faculty for Foreign Citizens and Pre-University Training (Foundation) organized a guided tour of the historical sites of South Kazakhstan.

Students had the opportunity to touch the majestic history of the Otrar oasis, to see a fragment of the fortress wall, walk along the streets of the ancient city and admire the skillful irrigation system of medieval masters. Foreign students were surprised by the exhibits of the local history museum: clothes, household items and dishes - all evidence of the high culture of the ancient local inhabitants of the region. The main attraction of the city - the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui, a monument of medieval architecture of the XIV century, made a special impression on the students of the faculty. The majestic and monumental structure, which stores the spiritual experience and wisdom of the great Yassaui, made an indelible impression on students and carried a powerful educational message. Aysha bibi mausoleum surprised students - a symbol of love and loyalty. The touching story of Aisha-bibi and Karakhan, embodied in 99 ornaments of various compositions, is amazing.

A 3-year student from South Korea, Pak Johynn, noted that she was once again convinced that Kazakhstan is unique not only by the diversity of the landscape, the combination of different climatic zones, but also historical monuments. A student of the preparatory department Kaskyrbay Aselkhan said that the memory of centuries lives in architectural structures. In general, the students of the preparatory faculty were once again convinced that the historical places of Kazakhstan are a source of exceptional information about the culture and traditions of Kazakhstan, a valuable source of spiritual and moral self-improvement.







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