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Student Life



"GREAT DAY OF THE PEOPLE" (Ulistin Uly Kuni)

Holiday Nauryz is a symbol of spring renewal, the triumph of love, fertility and friendship. Nauryz - is the beginning of the new year, the arrival of spring, the day when all life on earth is born again. Therefore, and for New Year Kazakhs treated very seriously, began to prepare for it in advance, put in order, agriculture, wearing aclean elegant clothes, prepared a rich table. Naturally, each Kazakh looking forward to this wonderful holiday of the vernal equinox.

     March 22, 2016 within the framework of the 20th anniversary of Independence, 1,000th anniversary of the city of Almaty have been celebrations throughout the country, including in the Medeu district of Almaty. Near the Palace of schoolchildren gathered the residents of our district, where they were installed yurts to reproduce history. Our university has not remained aloof from this good tradition and established tent "Aul of Abai", which was covered with a rich dastarkhan. Near the yurt were exhibited art objects made by the students of the Institute of Art, Culture and Sports, which attracted the interest and admiration guests. The celebration was attended by vice-rectors headed by the rector S.Zh. Praliyev. Akim of the Medeu District S.A. Makezhanov visited the tent "Abai auli" and congratulated and thanked the university staff, who work for the good of the country and noted the special contribution of our university in the development of Medeu district. Highlight of our university undergraduate, aytysker-bard K. Myrzakhan who performed word-initiation (Arnau) Akim of Medeu district. For festive dastarkhan were filled with the song "Ak kum", "Kalkany" and dombra player Serik Kushtar played kui "Balbyrauyn" and "Koruғly". Nauryz Holiday, "The Great Day of the people" (Ulystyn Uly kүnі) is one of the most important holidays in many Asian countries and is celebrated at UNESCO level.


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