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Student Life



Informative lectures FOR MENTORS

System of higher education is a social institution, which forms the most educated part, designed to ensure the development of the whole society. Therefore, the main purpose of education is the formation of personality, not only professionally but also socially competent, possessing a strong sense of responsibility and a desire for creativity, creativity and self-determination in a changing world. Achieving this purpose is possible only if the university is not only transferred the expertise, but also formed worldview, values, attitudes of the person, if that person is attached to this culture and can play it in their future life.
The education of the individual in the period of study in the university - the most important stage of socialization of young people. It dictate necessity of systematic approach to the educational process at the university, in which it acts as an organic unity with the educational process and scientific research training of students.
In order to improve the educational work and enhance the social responsibility of students, formation of individual and creative potential in 2009 at the initiative of the rector S.Zh. Praliyev was introduced a mentoring system.
A feature of this system is the participation of the entire teaching staff in the education of students by initiating interpersonal relations based on partnership, cooperation, mutual respect.
Mentor - a teacher, which protects the interests and rights of students in the educational process, contributing to the definition of the correct orientation in interpersonal relations, the organizer of the daily life of students.
Since 2011, by the initiative of the Department of educational work to help mentors organized training seminars and workshops for teachers, involving higher qualified teachers.
Within the framework of this tradition, from 28 March to 1 April of current year were held workshops, training seminars for mentors " Mentoring system and ways of its realization "," Prevention of suicide among young people "," Healthy nutrition - the foundation of a healthy lifestyle "," Forms and technologies job seeking ", as well as to promote the heritage of the Great Abai were held informative lectures and workshops. Workshops and trainings seminars conducted by experienced teachers, scientists, academician Zh. I. Namazbayeva, Professor Zh. Shoiynbet, professor Sh.Balgymbekov, Professor A. Kunakbayeva, associate professor D. Nurgaliyeva.

Deputy Head of Department
in educational work,
Youth Policy and Development
state language K.A. Bekbenbetova


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