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Student Life



Was listened  the annual report of pro-rector  for educational work

On 16 June, 2016 at the meeting of the Scientific Council under the chairmanship of the rector of the University S.Zh. Praliyev was listened  the annual report of pro-rector for  educational work Zh.E.Ishpekbayev.
Vice-rector for educational work said that the organization of educational work main priority is mentioned below criteria:
- Education of  patriotism based on idea "Mangilik el /Eternal country" ;
- Increasing religious literacy;
- Development of social and psychological work;
- Prevention of crime and corruption;
- Promoting a healthy lifestyle;
- Development of student government;
- Improving mentoring system.

And also it has been noted strategic, comprehensive educational work, which take place on an annual and seasonal plans. During the year, 758 were carried out planned and unplanned events.
The members of the Scientific Council of the academician A.S. Bissenova, Zh.Y. Namazbaeva, Professor B.A. Almukhambetov, B. Abdіaziuly, R.A. Shakhanova, K.K. Zhampeisova appreciated the educational work carried out in the framework of the national idea "Eternal country," the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev and gave practical advice to improve the work in this direction.
Also as part of the pro-rector for educational work report for the effective use of leisure time of students and the development of creative abilities of an exhibition of student clubs and societies.

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