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All-Russian online student research paper presentation competition


On May 15, 2021, the All-Russian (with international participation) online student research paper presentation competition was held at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The competition was organised by the Centre for Humanities Training of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and the Department of Foreign Languages No.2 with the support of the British publisher Macmillan Education (Springer Nature Group). Preparation, organization and realization of the Contest were implemented by the lecturers of the Chair of Foreign Languages No.2: Head of the Chair Mrs. Torosyan L.D., Associate Professor Simonenko M.A. and Senior Lecturer Grigoryan A.E.

Acting Director of the Department for Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy Bekbenbetova Kazyna and leading specialist of the Department for Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy Turladzhiev Alpamys were coordinators of the competition from Abai KazNPU.

The competition received a large number of works. In total, 147 participants took part in the competition, and 52 papers were presented. All papers were presented in English.

The geography of the student event was also diverse: representatives of universities from Kazakhstan, China, and various regions of Russia (Moscow, Bashkiria, Altai Territory, Urals, the Chuvash Republic, Zheleznovodsk, Perm, Izhevsk, Orenburg) competed for the championship. The jury consisted of representatives and experts from different countries: Russia, Albania, Armenia, Kazakhstan. The jury evaluated the contestants according to four criteria: speech competence, structure of the presentation, relevance of the research, and practical relevance of the results obtained.

The work of the conference was conducted in the format of sections in the following areas: «Humanities», «Economic Sciences» and «Technical Sciences».

The winners and prize-winners were:
On direction «Humanities»:

1st place - Zarina Esbulatova (KazNPU (Kazakhstan) and Anastasia Khomich (A.S. Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language)
2nd place - Veltz Daria (A.S. Pushkin State Institute of Art and Industry).
3rd place - Irada Rashadkyzy Shammedova (A.S. Pushkin State Institute for the Armenian Language and Literature) and Oleg Scherbakov (Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin)
On the field of economic sciences:
1st place - Anastasiya Dorofeeva (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation)
2nd place - Dmitry Loktikov (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics), Olga Kanevskaya (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics).
3rd place - Alexandra Goncharova (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics), Lyubov Moiseeva (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics).
In the field of Technical Sciences:
1st place - Matvey Kuznetsov (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics).
2nd place - Anna Perfilieva (Bashkir State University).
3rd place - Anastasia Strokova, Aiina Semyonova (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics).

The jury and the guests of the competition noted the high level of students` preparation.







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