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Vaccination is the best way to fight COVID-19


According to global experience, the leading countries for vaccination rates are Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Today, in these countries, tourism, trade, restaurant chains, and small and medium-sized businesses have returned to normal, and their citizens are returning to their normal lives.


In Kazakhstan, on the other hand, the vaccination process against coronavirus began on February 1, 2021. Today, GV-COVID-Vac (Sputnik V), QazCovid-in (QazVac) and Hayat-Vax vaccines are widely used in all regions of the country.


Vaccination is the most effective way to control the epidemic. Through mass vaccination we can create collective immunity and fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


Educating citizens on the effectiveness of vaccination and involving medical professionals in this work is now a very important task.


In this regard, Abai KazNPU held an extended meeting with the directors of departments and institutes, with the heads of other structural subdivisions.


The meeting was opened by the Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Social Development, Professor Zhanatbek Ishpekbaev, who highlighted the importance of vaccination against the epidemic. According to the Provost, currently the number of vaccinated employees of the university is 27.1%, among students - 6.6%. Of course, it is not a high figure, but vaccination must be a conscious action.


During the event doctor Aliya Zhabbarkhanova spoke in detail about vaccination procedure and effectiveness of medicine used. She stressed that only if 60% of Kazakhstanis are vaccinated will collective immunity be formed and the country will be able to return to normal life. Venera Ismailova, the doctor of the City Polyclinic #1 of Medeu district of Almaty, provided information on the importance of vaccination and answered questions of those present. Vice-Rector for Administration and Management Gabit Dulatov spoke about the application «Ashyk», launched at the university to monitor and analyze the epidemiological situation.


At the end of the meeting, heads of structural units and directors of institutes were instructed to carry out continuous awareness-raising work on the importance of vaccination, noting that this process is the best way to overcome the epidemic.







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