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Student Life



The student construction team season opens

The academic year is coming to an end and that means the Student Construction Squad (SCS) is starting its work semester. Every year the student construction brigade is joined in order to provide students with temporary employment and social support during the summer holidays. This year the opening of the labour season took place on June 14.

At the event Vice Rector for Educational Work and Social Development Zhanatbek Ishpekbayev introduced the members of the SCS with the scope of the upcoming work and stressed the need for compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements in the pandemic. The provost also instructed on health and safety rules.

The Chairman of the Youth Committee, Didarbek Dildabek, briefly outlined the admission procedure for the SCS. Due to the pandemic, applications have been accepted online since May this year. The seasonal work will run from June 15 to August 15, 2021. Students will be involved in repair works carried out in the academic buildings and hostels.

It would be desirable to note that in due time - since June 15 - SCS actively started its activity.

We wish our youth fruitful work and a successful completion of the working season.








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