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Raffle winners were announced

In accordance with the instruction of the Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov to promote vaccination to protect the health of students and based on the Decree № 31 of the Chief State Sanitary Inspector of the country from July 1 to August 25, 2021, in Abai KazNPU raffles among students who received the first component of the vaccine against COVID-19 were announced. Thus, the following prizes were drawn:
- 100 trainees - a 5% discount for one year of study;
- 50 trainees - a cash prize of 20,000 tenge;
- 50 trainees - a trip to Kapchagai «Ustaz» UPC;
- 60 learners - certificates for a free preparatory English course «I teach in English»;
- 20 learners with certificates for 10,000 tenge to purchase books in the «Meloman» bookstore;
- 100 trainees - a set of image products «Abai University».

On July 16 of this year, a final event was held to identify the winners of the three types of raffle among students who had received the first component of the vaccine from July 1 to 15. In order to ensure transparency of the draw, the Rules of the Game were approved and a special committee was established.

The determination of the winners was carried out with the members of the commission chaired by the Rector of the University, Darkhan Bilyalov.

The draw was conducted live on the ZOOM programme. The event was opened by the Rector of the University, who highlighted the importance of vaccination in preserving public health and wished good luck to all participants in the raffle.

The winners were chosen by random number generator https:, as a result of drawing 50 students have won vouchers for holidays in Kapchagai, 60 students have received certificate for free English language course and 100 students have received 5% discount on annual tuition fee.

Detailed information about the winners will be posted on the official website and social pages of the university.


Work to encourage and effectively organise vaccination among students will continue.


Detailed information about this at Abai KazNPU on the official website and on Instagram pages @abai_university @kazupu_zhastar_tarbie, @kazupu_zhastary.


List of draw winners:

- holders of Kapchagai «Ustaz» CPC vouchers

- holders of certificates for the free preparatory English course «I teach in English»

- holders of Abai University image products

















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