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Student Life
Student Life



The "Power in Unity" charity event


In connection with the introduction of the state of emergency in the country at the beginning of January 2022, a number of social events were held at the university.


From January 11 to 14, 2022, Department of Educational Work organized a charity event "Power in Unity", during which foreign students and students living in dormitories and in need of social support were provided with various assistance.


Food baskets were distributed to non-resident students on the initiative of the University Rector Darkhan Bilyalov. In addition, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs Damu biznes group and Rixos presented household items and food products. The youth wing of Jas Otan provided the students with a hot meal.


On behalf of the university staff and students, we would like to thank the university administration, Damu biznes group, Rixos and Jas Otan Youth Wing for their support and attention.






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