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Debate: Kazakhstan offers an effective mechanism for becoming a developed country


World Election Day is aimed at ensuring the irreversibility of the process of democratisation of society and raising its awareness, informing the people of the country about the achievements in the electoral process and forming a high civic position and responsibility for the future of their homeland among young voters. World Election Day is celebrated every year on the first Thursday of February.


In this connection, on February, 14, 2022 the university with participation of members of Intellectual discussion club «Atameken» with the purpose of development of political literacy of youth, activization of public life organized a discussion game on a theme «Kazakhstan offers the effective mechanism for becoming a developed country». During the action opinions were given on the role of youth in such important process, how more effectively to use knowledge and forces of the most active part of population of the country that Kazakhstan prospered and became the powerful modern state.


The best speeches were delivered by Mukhameteliuly Orken and Taskul Talgata, 3rd year students of the Institute of History and Law, as speakers of the «Tugyr» faction. The winners were the speakers of the Alash Ziyalyy faction, Bolatuly Erzat, a first-year student of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy, and Dinmukhammed Abdykaimuly, a fourth-year student of the Institute of History and Law. Similar events aimed at developing the political literacy of young people will be continued in the future.






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