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Student Life
Student Life



Open Day

On March 14, 2022, schoolchildren, teachers, as well as employees of private school of «INNOVERSE TALDYQORGAN» LLP from the city of Taldykorgan visited our university. For them, the University hosted an action «Open Day».


Rector Darkhan Bilyalov opened the event and spoke about the achievements of our university, which is the country`s leading pedagogical university, the leader of domestic education and science. Wishing good luck to future young specialists, he announced a new project of the university «Honorus college».


The moderator was the Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs Rayymbek Pirali. He spoke about the activities of his structure and about various events held for young people with their active participation.

During the action, schoolchildren learned about all the institutes, their educational programs and specialties, about the military department of the university, requirements for admission and training, and also received answers to all questions.













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