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Student Life
Student Life



Contest «Miss KAZNPU»

The closing ceremony of the student spring festival «STUDENTS SPRING», organized by the Department for Educational, Social Work and Youth Policy Development and the Department for Youth Affairs, ended with the contest «Miss KAZNPU».

It is customary to say about beauty that she rules the world, demands sacrifices and takes prisoners. But «Miss KazNPU» is the beauty of blooming youth, Kazakh modesty, tenderness and fervent students. And such beauty really changes the world for the better and fills life.

Charming, attractive, talented students presented seven institute, preparation and rehearsals gave them a lot of experience and new knowledge.

The invited members of the jury, after a long meeting, distributed the places on the podium of the beauty contest.

The crown «Miss KazNPU», and the title of the first beauty of the university went to the student of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science Saltanat Saparkhan, the 1st place was taken by the student of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Amina Baymakhanova, the 2nd place -the student of the Institute of History and Law Zhanbota Abeukhanova, the 3rd place-the student of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography Aysel Kuanyshbekova. In addition to the prizes, the contest participants were awarded special prizes. Amina Baymakhanova and Saltanat Saparkhan received a ticket to the Miss Almaty contest. Karakat Serikkyzy received the opportunity of free training in a modeling agency for 1 year. Zhuldyzai Zhanbolat received a certificate for a photo shoot.

All the contestants received tremendous support from the audience, and the audience, in turn, did not get tired of admiring the performances of our beauties. And who knows, maybe some of them will continue their journey into the world of beauty in the future and will represent our country at the world level.

At the end of the evening, awards were presented to the students and institutes who had most actively participated in the festival throughout the week.























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