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Student Life
Student Life



Conference "Philosophical and socio-humanitarian problems of the religion of modern society"

           On 28 March, 2017 at Abai KazNPU National Commission of UNESCO and ISESCO in Kazakhstan jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized international scientific and practical conference in memory of the Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Academician of International Higher Education Academy of Sciences" (IHEAS) and Academy of Social Sciences K.Sh. Shulembayev "Philosophical and socio-humanitarian problems of religion of modern society". With the best wishes, the conference was opened by the Vice-Rector for Scientific Work N.V. Kossov.
          Scientist, philosopher, academician Abdimalik Nysanbayuly and his students, professor of the North Kazakhstan State University, doctor of philosophical sciences A.V. Nikiforov, Professor Zh.Zh. Moldabekov and other well-known scientists of philosophy in Kazakhstan and abroad. At the meeting, intelligentsia talked about the life and scientific research of the scientist.
           The special guest of the conference was the wife of K.Sh. Shulembayev - Manura M. Akhmetova, younger brother Amangeldi Apushev, son Azat Katyrshatuly, who shared their family memories.
             Student of Kadyrshat Shulembayev Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Daurenbek O. Kusayinov for public presented a documentary film about his teacher "Onegeli omir ornekteri" (Patterns of exemplary life).
             In the practical part of the conference, were given reports by following topics: cultural and philosophical, political, social and legal, legislative implications of 21st century religion, interfaith dialogue in Kazakhstan and interreligious agreement, religious and philosophical problems in the works of K.Sh. Shulembayev.
           In the result of meeting was accepted  a resolution about the translation of the work "Magicians, Gods and Reality" and "Lifestyle and Religion" into Kazakh language, which were published in the 2nd half of the 20th century.

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