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Student Life
Student Life




         Today for all mankind there is one difficult task - it is the protection of nature. On 21 March, 1971, on the decision of the United Nations General Assembly, 22 April was declared the International Earth Day for the protection of the environment and for the rational use of natural resources.
         This day is celebrated in 193 countries around the world. And for the first time they started to celebrate at the international level since 1990.
        Our university supports the partnership programs like the "Green Bridge", which are included to support the concept of "Green Economy" and "Global Energy and Ecological Strategy for Sustainable Development in the XXI Century" by N.A. Nazarbayev.

        In this regard, on 18 April of current year, under the guidance of the associate professor of the Geography and Ecology Department of Kazakhstan, candidate of biological sciences G.Y. Zhanteeva in the framework of the project "Introduction of Green Office Principles in Kazakhstan`s Educational Institutions", Department for Educational Work, the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography, jointly with the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology organized an environmental action and flash mob untitled "We support the concept of Green University! ".
        The action, aimed at supporting the development of the green economy and the implementation of the green office, began with the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology and during the action the students conducted the following activities: planting tree seedlings, whitewashing trees and cleaning the territory of the institute. Then the action continued on the territory of the Institute of Natural History and Geography. Students expressed their love to nature and city through this action and flash mob.
        Also within the framework of the action, events were held for citizens of the city on the formation of an ecologically clean appearance of the city and open educational lessons were organized.
         Thus, our program has also continued its program to improve the ecological state of the environment.


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