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Student Life



Cognitive contest "As children of one family "

        Since ancient times, Kazakhs have been a sympathetic people. By coincidence, different nations were deported to our country and Kazakhs, not being shy, shared everything that is and treated them as relatives. And thanks to this, Kazakhstan is now a multiethnic country.
        On April 27, 2017 in the support of the world exhibition "EXPO - 2017" was organized the festival of student spring "Youth: Creativity, Innovation" was held the cognitive contest "As children of one family".
         The contest was opened by the pro-rector for educational work Zh.Y. Ishpekbayev, who wished good luck to such a good start. Participants of the jury were assessed under the chairmanship of Aytbek Yessenyazov- representative of the Kazakhstani Youth Association "Zharasym".
          In the three-stage competition, the Institute of Philology and Polyglot Education showed the culture, traditions and national dishes of the Uzbek people, the Institute of Natural History and Geography of Turks, the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Indians, the Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics of Koreans, the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute of the French. And in the third stage the fans of the teams competed showing their abilities.
           As a result of the competition, the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education won the 1st place , the 2nd place was taken by the team of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology and the 3rd place the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography.












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