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Student Life
Student Life



Meeting of the rector with students

On 6 February 2018, a meeting between the rector of the University, Professor Takir Balykbaev and students was held with the aim of discussing topical problems and improving the social conditions of student youth.

During the meeting the rector noted: «Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University is the flagship of higher education. This year our university celebrates its 90th anniversary. Over its long history, the university has produced more than 200,000 professionals and 3,000 research workers. Within the framework of the 90th anniversary more than 70 events are planned, including city, national and international level. We face very big challenges: improving the infrastructure of the university, developing mass sports and strengthening measures to prevent corruption. In order to improve the quality of education in the near future, we plan to launch the «Univer» system. For this, we must unite all our efforts to ensure the further development of the university. This is one of the main reasons for today`s meeting. I would be interested to hear your opinions on how our university should look in the future, how to improve the status of a teacher».

The main feature of this meeting was an open microphone: students asked personal questions and received answers to them. Students` questions touched upon various spheres of student life: living in hostels, modernizing the academic buildings, further prospects for the development of the university, centralizing the work of clubs and circles, improving the effective organization of leisure for young people, the opening of the Coworking Center, etc. In turn, the rector promised students to keep these issues under personal control.

At the end of the meeting, Takir Balykbayev thanked all the participants of the meeting for their cooperation and called for more active involvement of university students and senior students, as well as freshmen. It was then, in his opinion, continuity of student and university traditions will be preserved.










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