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«Choice of the year-2019» award ceremony


On December 25, 2019, the «Choice of the year-2019» award ceremony was held as part of summing up the «Youth Year». Within the framework of the «Year of Youth» the students, teaching staff and staff of the age group from 18 to 35 years were awarded with outstanding achievements in the field of education, science and sports.

The First Vice-Rector of the University Maktagali Bektemesov opened the event and congratulated all the participants on the coming New Year. The «Best of the Year» award followed the event.

By personal awards: The winners of «The Best Athlete», «The Best Young Teacher», «The Best Young Scientist», «The Best doctoral student», «The Best Leader of Young Educators», «The Best Organizer», «The Best Young Publisher», «The Best Adviser», The winners in the nominations «The Best Student» and «The Best Coordinator» nominations were awarded the Rector`s Certificate and a cash prize of 50,000 Tenge. Winners of the nominations «Researcher of the Year», «Poet of the Year», «Athlete of the Year», «Boxer of the Year», «Karate kid of the Year», «Singer of the Year», «Chairman of the Year», «TogizKumalakshy of the Year» were awarded with the rector`s diploma and a cash prize of 40,000 tenge.

Team awards: Winners of the nominations «Best educational project», «Best environmental project», «Best aspiration», «Best start-up project", «Best institutional Instagram», «Best student club», «Best international sports project», «Winners in nominations: «The Best Propaganda Team», «The Best Mega Project», «The Best Board of Governance» were awarded a cash prize of 100,000 tenge and a diploma from the Rector. «Discovery of the Year», «Discovery of the Year», «Dancers of the Year», «Community of the Year», «Activists of the Year», «Challenge of the Year», «Open space of the Year», «Square of Honesty of the Year», «Volunteers of the Year», «Fashion of the Year» - in the amount of 80,000 tenge and the diploma of the Rector.

In addition, 21 activists who were outstanding during the year at social and cultural events were awarded a letter of thanks from the Rector and a cash prize of 10,000 Tenge.

The concert program of artists of the university continued the official part. At the end of the event, university «Volunteer league» activists took the baton of the «Year of Volunteers».

In turn, we would like to thank the University Rector Takir Balykbayev for his support throughout the year of the «Year of Youth» in many aspects of education, science, culture and society.