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19.10.2010 at 14.00 in Aud. № 422 ChBF Department of Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene and Life Safety was held faculty event on the theme: "Students and young people - for a healthy lifestyle and HIV / AIDS." The auditorium was decorated in accordance with the requirements: established TCO: multimedia, projector and interactive whiteboard. For hosting this event was responsible department of anatomy, physiology, hygiene and life safety. Head. Chair MD, Professor Balgimbekov Sh gave a report on the subject: "Plague of the new century - HIV/ AIDS", which revealed the history of the disease in the world, the properties of the causative agent, the epidemiological characteristics and preventive measures. Participants in this event, staff NTSFZOZH Shaikenova AT, Sulaimanova NA and employee GC ZOZH Bulygina GK conducted training in an interactive way. After the report the video "When a girl grows up" was shown.

The event concluded a dean, a professor Childebaev JB, who thanked the staff of the department of anatomy, physiology, health and life safety for the substantive holding of this event.



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