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 Kosherbayeva Aigerim Nuralyevna
Head of department
Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor. Academician MANPO
Kazybek Bi str., 30


Department of Pedagogy and Psychology was founded in 2009/2010 under the name «Department of Pedagogical and Psychological Specialties» and functioned until 2014 as part of the Institute of Master`s and PhD Doctoral Studiesю. November 1, 2014 the department became part of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology. From September 1, 2017 to the present, the head of the department is Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Kosherbayeva Aigerim Nuralievna.

Educational program «Pedagogy and Psychology» provides training in the following areas:
Bachelor`s degree - 6В01101 - «Pedagogy and psychology»
Master`s degree - 7M01101 - «Pedagogy and psychology», 7M01103 - «Pedagogy and psychology. Management in education», 7M01102 - «Pedagogy and psychology. Pedagogical measurements», 7M011105 - «Pedagogy and psychology» (1.5 years of profile).
PhD doctoral studies - 8D01101 - «Pedagogy and psychology», 8D01103 - «Pedagogy and psychology. Management in education» (in English).


The teaching staff of the department is currently represented by: 10 doctors of pedagogical sciences, 8 candidates of pedagogical and psychological sciences, 6 masters of pedagogical sciences. The percentage of the degree of the department is 71.5%. The teaching staff has a high level of knowledge: on the specifics of the taught subject, innovative technologies and teaching methods; professional skills to form a sufficient amount of knowledge for students within the framework of the program.


The educational program of pedagogy and psychology cooperates with many leading universities in near and far abroad - South Korea, Lithuania, Germany, Indonesia, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries.


The material and technical base of this program is provided with modern information tools, computers, interactive whiteboards, which allow future specialists to develop creatively in the educational process and research activities.


Graduates of our educational program can work as teachers, psychologists and administrators in all educational institutions, including preschools, comprehensive schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges.