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Event on the eve of the Victory Day

Dedicated to Legendary Hero Baurzhan Momyshuly


On the eve of Victory Day Chair of theory and methodology of basic military training of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, public fund " Heritage of Baurzhan Momyshuly ", center "Tulgatanu" named after M. Gabdullin conducted among students of a public lecture on the topic: "Baurzhan Momyshuly - Hero of the Soviet Union, a national hero, a famous military leader, a prominent writer".
The event was opened by the President of the Public Fund " Heritage of Baurzhan Momyshuly ", academician K.N. Naribayev.
" Our public fund was opened a year ago. Our duty - to promote heritage of B.Momyshuly, reveal extraordinary personality folk hero - he said. - Firstly, Bauyrzhan feat in the war - this is a special heroism. He used to own strategy combat, which is now being studied by the military. Military talent of B. Momyshuly opened in 1941 in the Battle of Moscow. General Panfilov then praised his resourcefulness and courage. Patriotic call of Baurzhan Momyshuly "In the fight for the motherland and the fire will not burn," proves his devotion to his homeland. Having managed to get out of the dense ring of enemy encirclement, Baurzhan was recognized as a great strategist.
Second, the kind of writing talent Momyshuly - stern Batyr par with weapons could and with pen in hand to protect the interests of the people. Even in 1943, at the front, he proposed specific recommendations regarding the Kazakh language, which did not reflect the then professors and academics. Baurzhan was in the full sense of the traditions fellow writers of the past centuries, such as Makhambet, Aktamberdy, Dospambet, who were warriors and poets.
B.Momyshuly is considered to be the founder of the military literature of Turkic peoples. Expert military strategy Momyshuly now become a spokesman for the interests of his people. He did not change his word and remained faithful to his opinion until the last breath. Because for B.Momyshuly as for this soldier to betray his choice - it is a crime against honor.
About Bauyrzhan Momyshuly wrote many journalists and writers. The very first wrote about him journalist Alexander Krivitsky, then writer Alexander Beck wrote the novel "Volokolamsk Highway", which brought glory to Batyr, then a military writer Azilkhan Nurshaiykov , scientists Mekemtas Myrzakhmetov, Mamytbek Kaldibayev disclose the identity of the hero in his writings, his son Bakytzhan Momyshuly and daughter -in -law Zeynep Akhmetova wrote about his memories of unknown sides of the nature ", - said the K.N. Naribayev.
Poet Rafael Niyazbek shared with the students his memories of his encounter with a student Baurzhan Momyshuly.
"The whole world honored Baurzhan as a famous military leader, defender of the defense of Moscow. Even in distant Cuba for the legendary heroes of this country B.Momyshuly feat was emulated.
Well-known hero of the Soviet Union Malik Gabdullin once said: "If I were a poet or a writer, he would certainly have instead of ink clean river waters wrote the story " Batyr Baurzhan ". Because no one as Baurzhan could not openly speak the truth. "Even if you`re undesirable, do not be obsequious" these words were top of mind Momyshuly ".
Writer, Mamytbek Kaldibayev noted the uniqueness of the literary activity of B.Momyshuly.
"Baurzhan Momyshuly left many sayings, proverbs, wise sayings of his own wartime and peacetime. They contain deep philosophical meaning. Proverbs wartime has always raised the spirit of the soldiers: "Do not be afraid to just fools," "Defeat the fear - that the supreme merit of a fighter", "being branded a coward is worse than death."
In peacetime, the hero of the war, wrote many wise sayings about the family life of the Kazakhs: "This woman in a man`s life compass", "For every man`s luck is always his woman", "If there is a man - lost family, unless there is a woman - the people perish "and other similar statements confirm the respect the author belonged to the homemaker - a woman, a mother."
Students enthusiastically listened to previously unknown information about Baurzhan Momyshuly and showed their knowledge about the life and literary heritage of our hero, answering quiz questions. At the end of meeting guests presented to students in the memory 30 volume collection of B.Momyshuly essays and some of his books.
D.M. Mukatova - Director of the center "Tulgatanu" named after M. Gabdullina, summing up the meeting, said:
"Image of the legendary Hero of Baurzhan Momyshuly for today`s youth and future generations must be an example of eternal selfless love for the country and people."


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