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August meeting with the heads of educational organizations in Almaty


Within the frameworks of annual republican pedagogical forum «educated nation: aspiration to knowledge, diligence and patriotism» an August meeting with the heads of educational organizations of Almaty was held at the scientific-practical centre «Daryn».


Zh. Aitpaeva, Director of the Scientific and Practical Centre «Daryn», took part in the event. She welcomed all participants, including directors and deputy directors of secondary and specialized schools for gifted children and representatives of universities of Almaty.


A.K.Satova, Doctor of Psychology, Professor of the Department of General and Applied Psychology of Abai KazNPU, made a report at the plenary session. She touched upon the actual problems of diagnostics and development of children and teenagers abilities, told about innovative approaches to diagnostics of modern schoolchildren abilities and about the work carried out within the framework of «Qabilet» service project for pupils of comprehensive schools on the program of personal potential development of XXI century skills «4K - critical thinking, creativity, communication, collage of 10-11 years old children and diagnostics of cognitive, communicative abilities and emotional intelligence of 7-9 years old children». It was noted that such work is also carried out with 5-6 year old children. The project was developed by the Yelbasy Academy with the involvement of scientists and teachers from the vocational training department of the Social Sciences (Psychology) Educational Program of Abai KazNPU.


The project attracted the interest and approval of all participants at the August Pedagogical Meeting.





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