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The Department of scientific research and practical psychology is based on the following directions:

- study of the personality of modern prescholars , schoolchildren and students;

- improvement of intellectual and personal potential of public educational schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- development of psychomotor, cognitive, communicative and emotional intelligence of the children of the older generation of the organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- scientific and methodological foundations of the formation of Kazakhstan`s patriotism for young people on the basis of national values;

- psychological and pedagogical support of unsolicited citizens of penitentiary institutions;

- psychological and mental health scholars and students;

- partisan management of scientific and innovative potential of the teaching staff of the research university;

- adaptation of psychodiagnostic methods in the preschool education system for the Kazakh-related environment.


The themes of scientific research work are relevant directions for the development of Psychological Science:

1. scientific activity;

2. training of teachers, monographs;

3. participation of the Department of PTS in scientific and practical conferences;

4. organization of scientific and research activities of students, undergraduates;

5. preparation of the Department of Kazakhstan Republic publication, including in disputes with a high impact factor.


In 2022, the Department of professional development took part in 12 scientific projects, of which 1 project of MES RK is financed, 1 project of Kaznpu named after Abaya and 10 projects of the corporate fund «El umiti». Also, 121 publications were published in various foreign and Republican publications and publications based on the results of scientific research and methodological work.


1 monographs and 6 educational-methodical articles were published in journals with Impact Factor 19 articles (SCOPUS); published in journals of CCQES RK 27 scientific articles; in recent journals of Kazakhstan - 20. the annual Department of public and Applied Psychology in traditional format scientific conference of middle undergraduates and students is organized and held. According to this, the results are given by a special sbornik.


Since 2021, a group of scientists and teachers of the Department of General and Applied Psychology have been involved in the work of the «Qabilet» project, which will reveal the abilities of schoolchildren and develop their intellectual and personal potential. The project program was developed by the «Elbasy Academy» with the involvement of a group of scientists and teachers of the Department of General and Applied Psychology. The «Elbasy Academy», now called «Ei Umiti», cooperates with Abai University.


«Qabilet» is an innovative, socio-psychological service, created for the first time in Kazakhstan, unique in its functions and tasks. It helps to develop critical thinking, creativity, communication, etc. of children. Each child will be able to undergo diagnostics from his computer or smartphone, which will determine his abilities and ways to implement them. The use of such advanced psychological technologies and techniques developed by domestic scientists based on world approaches is more than timely.


Thanks to this, scientists of Abay KazNPU of the Department of General and Applied Psychology Satova A.K., Nietbaeva G.B., Abisheva E.D., Nadirbekova A.O., Mombieva G.A., Tukebaeva S.A., Konysbaeva A.B., Beisembayeva K.D., Ingaybekova T.A., Dautkalieva P.B., Sadreymova A.Zh., Sadykova A.B. they conduct research work on the development of children`s giftedness together with international universities, are also involved in the implementation of the «Qabilet» project, they also actively cooperate with the «Ei Umiti» Corporate Foundation and participate in 10 projects on the topic «Diagnostics and development of children and adolescents abilities», within which educational and methodological manuals on diagnostics have been released and the development of children`s abilities, author`s certificates on diagnostic and developmental methods were also obtained.


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