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Republic subject olympiad on psychology 
among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan


On March 28-29, 2018, the Republic Subject Olympiad on Psychology among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at the al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

To participate in the Republic Olympiad invited students 2-4 courses of Kazakh universities enrolled in "5B050300 - Psychology" - winners of first stage subject Olympiad on psychology.

The Olympiad was held in an individual and team scoring type, but only individual indicators were evaluated. For the teams were given nominations in each round.

The Olympiad consisted of four rounds:

1 round. The test on basic disciplines (written task). Individual execution. Checking the theoretical knowledge of participants in the Olympiad.
2 round. The practical task - "Psychodiagnostics": make up a psychological profile of the client/patient based on the data of the psychological test, to make a conclusion and give recommendations (written task). Command execution. Assessment of scientific and practical skills.
3 round. Presentation (showing) promotional video clips from each team on the topic: "The profession of a psychologist in the twenty-first century". This is homework. Command execution. Assessment of the ability to show the importance of the psychologist profession in the modern world and the development prospects.
4 round. Psychological quiz "What? Where? When?". Command execution. It includes logical questions about psychology and psychologists. Assessment of common erudition, knowledge of the main dates, names, events in the field of psychology.


The following students presented the team of Abai KazNPU in the specialty of Psychology under the guidance of the teacher of the Department of General and Applied Psychology Autalipova Yelnura Nurlanovna:


Full name of Student

Course/ Specialty


Turlykozha Temirlan

3 course/ Psychology (k.b)


Zhaparov Yeldar

3 course/ Psychology (r.b)


Kulekeeva Aisana

3 course/ Psychology (k.b)


Kastelbek Gulmaira

2 course/ Psychology (k.b)


The students of our University showed a high level of knowledge on Psychology, successfully passed all the rounds and with dignity presented their educational institution.


The Abai KazNPU team in the team classification received a Certificate of Honor in the "BEST VIDEO about PSYCHOLOGY Specialist" nomination. In the individual competition the III prize-winning place and the Diploma of the Ministry received a third-year student in the specialty of Psychology - Turlykozha Temirlan.


You can watch our video by clicking on the following link












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