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Scientific circle "Art therapy in the psychological work"of the Common and Applied Psychology Chair

On 14 February 2017 at the request of students, under the supervision of candidate of pedagogical sciences, Senior Lecturer of the  Common and Applied Psychology Chair Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Abai KazNPU K.K Tussubekova was organized scientific applied circle "Art therapy in the psychological work" . At the circle work participated Methodist S.T. Isalieva of Resource Center, whoworking in parallel on this subject in secondary schools.

Under the direction of K.K. Tussubekova was drawn circle work plan for the second half. The plan provides for scientific research on the topic "Art therapy in the psychological activity with preschool children" 1st year course students undergraduate course on the basis of higher education Zamira Zhenalieva. Zamira is going to write a thesis in this field on the basis of the kindergarten.

Thus, the work of the scientific circle is based on the continuity of a kindergarten - school - university that allows to expand the boundaries of the circle work. Currently, members of the circle is preparing a poster presentation to the scientific-practical seminar on the topic "Current state and prospects of development of applied psychology," which will be held 16-18 March 2017 by organization of  the" Common and Applied Psychology" Chair, Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.


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