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Digital education is a global trend


On May 3, 2019, the teaching staff and undergraduates of the Department of General and Applied Psychology of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology visited the event, which was organized by the staff of the university library.

Director of Abai KazNPU Library Nurgul Imansyzdykova said that in all disciplines of all specialties the staff made a list of available literature in the reading institution`s funds, noting that contracts for the exchange and supply of educational materials were drawn up with many other universities of Kazakhstan and the world educational space. She stressed that every teacher has access to all funds. «Therefore, contact the head of the automation department of Abai KazNPU Aizhan Atantaeva, who will teach each teacher and student to enter the base», said Nurgul Imansyzdykova.

Representatives of the «Epigraph» Library, who showed their entire arsenal of literature collections throughout Kazakhstan, also spoke at the meeting. These are electronic and multimedia textbooks, thanks to which the teacher, through the interface, can track the results of students` work in five minutes.




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