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1. "Anomalous concentration gravitational convection with stable stratification of an isothermal multicomponent gas mixture"
Project manager Fedorenko Olga Vladimirovna
2. "Development of methods for constructing solutions of boundary value problems for four-dimensional degenerate elliptic equations"
Project manager Dzhenaliev Muvasharkhan Tanabayevich
3. "Study of the composition of ferrospheres obtained from the fly ash of Ekibastuz coal"
Project manager Vereshchak M.F.
4. "Development of nanoactive elements of solar energy phototransformers"
Project manager Iskakova Kulpash Amanovna
5. Metagenomics as a tool for identification and molecular genetic characterization of new potentially dangerous microorganisms
Project manager Bogoyavlensky Andrey Pavlinovich
6. "Investigation of boundary value problems for multidimensional partial differential equations"
Project manager Aldashev Serik Aimurzaevich
7. "Identity and poetics of historical memory in the modern historiographical discourse of Kazakhstan"
Project manager Abylkhozhin Zh.B.
8. "Islamic Studies as a dialogical project of the humanities: the experience of Kazakhstan and France"
Project manager Seitakhmetova N.L.