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1. Scientific publications in journals with impact factor; problems and solutions (in conditions of postgraduate education)
Project manager Aitugan A
2. Theoretical and methodological foundations of determining the student`s educational digital footprint
Project manager: Begimbetova GuldanaAtymtaevna
3. Сreating а model of a green university on the example of sustainable development»
Project manager: Khamitova S
4. "Technology of organization of independent activity of students in the conditions of online learning"
Project manager: Zaurbek U
5. "Research of students` readiness for pedagogical activity"
Project manager Gulnur I.Kazakhbayeva
6. "Digital tools for teaching Modern History of Kazakhstan"
Project managerKamza A.T.
7. Educational and methodological support for the use of digital resources in the context of distance learning.
Project manager Yelubai Gulistan
8. "Linguistic analysis of astrological vocabulary"
Project manager Turashbek Erol
9. "Crowdfunding system as a tool for promoting startups and student projects in KazNPU named after Abay "
Project manager Bekmurat Orazmukhamed
10. The name of the project topic: Electronic resource using infographics for teaching the section "Information and information processes" of the school computer science course.
Project manager Bazarbayeva U.
11. "Modern interdisciplinary metalanguage of pedagogy in the multilingual space"
Project manager Nabidullin A
12. Development of methodological bases for the use of GIS technology in teaching school geography with updated content
Project manager Bakhit M