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 Karlygash Mukhanova
Head of the Office for Academic Mobility

Dostyk Avenue 13, office 300.
 +7 (727) 293-85-79


The main objectives of the Office for academic mobility of Department for International Engagement:
- to promote the expansion of relations with leading foreign universities and the development of creative cooperation of Abai University with foreign universities.
- organization and expansion of international relations of the university;
- informing the staff team and students about the state and prospects of development of university education abroad;
- Assistance in professional development of teaching staff through the organization of international exchanges, internships, etc;
- Carrying out activities to ensure the participation of teaching staff and students in international grants, projects, competitions and exchange programs;
- Organization of timely information of structural divisions of directorates about planned international symposia, colloquia, etc., including with the participation of Abai University, participation in their conduct;
- Representation of interests of university in the international organizations, at the international exhibitions on questions of education, a science and culture;
- Coordination of transfer of the students for a certain academic period (including the passage of educational or scientific training) in other higher education institution (within the country or abroad) for training or research;
- coordination of the organization in registration of documents at departure and at return of students on all types and forms of academic mobility and scientific training according to normative documents of MES RK and Abai University;
- Interaction with universities, other universities and students on issues of academic mobility;
- To organize the visit of foreign professors within the framework of the MES program "Attracting Foreign Professors to the RK universities";
- Organization of visits of foreign scientific advisors to advise doctoral students;
- joint training programs with foreign universities within the system of double-degree education;