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Dzharmukhambetov Maxat
Psychologist-coordinator of the Centre «Ulttyq tarbie»
Master of Pedagogy and Psychology
30/1 Kazybek bi str.

The «Psychological Service» sector is an organized and structured component of a modern holistic education system aimed at providing favorable socio-psychological conditions and providing psychological assistance to students, faculty and staff of the university.


Goals of the «Psychological Service» Sector:

- Creation of a favorable psychological climate at the university;

- Formation of conditions that stimulate personal and professional growth;

- Ensuring the psychological security of students, faculty and staff;

- Support and strengthening of mental health of subjects of the educational process.


Tasks of the «Psychological Service» Sector:

- Providing psychological support;

- Assistance to students in determining their capabilities;

- Formation of students` positive life position;

- Teaching students the necessary psychological knowledge for effective professional activity and success;

- Assistance to the management and teaching staff of the university in creating favorable conditions for the formation of the student`s personality;

- Assistance to the university management in strengthening the corporate culture.


Functions of the «Psychological Service» Sector:

- Free psychological counseling;

- Psychoprophylaxis;

- Psychodiagnostics (individual and group);

- Psychological counseling;

- Psychocorrection.


Phone number for recording: +7 700 265 90 92 (WhatsApp)

+7 700 976 89 97


Address: Abai Student Center, 30/1, Kazybek bi str., 7 office.


Schedule of admission and counseling of students and teachers:

Reception Days













Regulation on the "Psychological Service" sector