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       On 16 September, 2017 rector of  Abai  Kazakh National Pedagogical University, professor Takir Balykbayev met with the university activists. Rector congratulated all the students on the new academic year and briefly described the forthcoming plans for the modernization of the education system, the development of scientific research and youth creativity. He said: "Dear youth, the purpose of today`s meeting is to introduce you with  future plans and exchange opinions with you. As you know, in this year  our students number has increased by 300 people. To increase this figure in the future, we need to strengthen our human resources and professional orientation. This year numerous improvements will be made in the content of education in order to improve the quality of education, and the attendance of students will be strictly controlled. With the exception of creative specialties, examinations will take place in all subjects, and tests will be conducted in writing  form with an emphasis on improving the university infrastructure. Improving the social welfare of youth, including improving the quality of food centers, opening student service centers on the basis of a "one window", supporting youth initiatives, improving student self-management, developing student sports, organizing leisure activities, and creating e-learning. To realize this large-scale work, first of all,  we need,  your support ".

       Then the meeting continued in the  open microphone mode, i.e. each of those present had the opportunity to directly contact the university rector, ask questions and get satisfactory answers.

         At the end of the meeting, Mr. T.O. Balykbayev expressed gratitude to the activists for their support and entrusted that such meetings would be held regularly with the youth.








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