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Meeting with members of of the Majilis


Message of President Nursultan Nazarbayev "Kazakhstans way-2050: The overarching goal, common interests, common future" with great joy was seen by the people of Kazakhstan. This message that was a big political event in the history of our country, the importance of all the different tasks set by the Head of State.




The main idea of ​​the Presidents Address was the initiative of creating a "Мәңгілік ел." During 22 years of its existence as an independent state of Kazakhstan whole world recognized our republic country with sustainable development in the socio-political, socio-economic and cultural spheres.




Recently KazNPUnamed after  Abai team meeting was held where comprehensively discussed Message the President of Kazakhstan. It was attended by MPs - Majilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan:








Sultanov Kuanish Sultanovich - Majilis deputy, Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights under the President.

Ashimbayev Maulen Sagathanovich - Majilis deputy, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security.

Seidumanov Serik Turarovich - Majilis deputy 






The meeting was opened with introductory remarks by the University Rector, Prof. Serik Zhaylauovich Praliyev and presented to the deputy, who shared their views on the Presidents message and answered questions from the participants.





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