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Application for the selection of a candidate for a vacant position


Vacant position:

Head of the legal division of the Department of Legal Work and Procurement

The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

- represent, according to the established procedure, the Company`s interests in court, as well as in other organisations when considering legal issues relating to the Company`s operations

- Manage the development of drafts of legal acts, contracts, procedural documents and other legal documents developed by the Company, including approval by other Company`s structural units;

- Manage the development and implementation of annual events to promote legislation, organize general legal education in the Company;

- Manage the development, in cases stipulated by legislation, of explanations on behalf of the Company on legal issues within the Company`s competence;

- Organise ensuring compliance of the Company`s contracts with legal requirements, application of enforcement measures in case of non-performance or improper performance of contractual obligations.

Main job responsibilities:

- represents the rights and interests of the Company in court and other bodies in various categories of cases and legal matters;

- supervises the verification of draft orders, regulations, instructions, contracts and other legal documents submitted to the management for signature for their compliance with legal requirements and endorses these documents;

- Ensure compliance with the rules and procedures provided for by law for imposing financial liability on employees;

- supervise the systemised registration of incoming and issued regulatory documents, ensure maintenance of the classifier of the Company`s legal acts by type of activity

- Manage the development of drafts of legal acts, contracts, procedural documents and other documents of a legal nature developed by the Company, including by coordinating them, if developed by other structural subdivisions of the Company.

Business trip:

on business need


higher legal education

Required professional experience (duration, scope, other)

3 years

Professional competencies:

professionalism, knowledge and skills in applying the requirements of regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Personal competencies and qualities:

high citizenship, a developed sense of duty and responsibility for the performance of their duties, following the norms of professional ethics

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages that the candidate must speak)

fluency in Kazakh and Russian languages, knowledge of foreign languages is welcome

Computer skills:


Knowledge and proficiency in electronic business

Number of required employees:

1 (one)

CV submission deadline:

until April 29, 2022

The contact person:

Kusainov Yesbulat Bektursunovich,

 +7 778 227 36 77, 8 (727) 2-93-85-93








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