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Konayev reading: Student Conference

Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai passed City Student Conference "Kunaevskie reading", organized by the University with the assistance of the museum D.A.Konayev, scientific and cultural center "House M.Auezov." At the plenary session of the conference moderator activities, deputy chairman of the Department of Social and Human Sciences, Academician of NAS RK Naribayev Kopzhasar Naribaevich made an opening speech. Based on historical facts, he talked about the main stages of the life and work of a prominent public figure Dinmukhamed Akhmetovich Konayev. At the plenary session also made Kenes Mustahanovich Aukhadiyev - Vice-President of the International Fund named D.A.Konayev public figure; Diar Askarovich Konayev - Director of the Cultural Center "House M.Auezov"; Sara Baeshevna Baesheva - Excellence in Education of the Kazakh SSR, Excellent Education Republic of Kazakhstan, Timur Zheksembekovich Zhumanov - Director of the "Museum D.A.Konayeva" Department of Culture of the city of Almaty and others. Conference participants listened with great interest the reports of student 2 course KazNPUnamed after Abai Aizhan Bekezhan ; student 2 courses at the same institution Akmaral Kabdyrash ; 1 student - course Humanities University of Transport and Law D.A.Konayev Ulzhalgas Kairatovoi ; 2- course students Almaty Technological University Nazerke Zhusipovoi . Topics of their reports on different aspects of high human qualities D.A.Konayev , its role and place in economic development , education and science of Kazakhstan. Then, work continued on the conference breakout sessions .


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