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Mobile BYOD technology


BYOD technology is used in the monitoring and evaluation process of Abai KazNPU.


What is BYOD technology?


One of the areas of development of modern information and communication technology is BYOD technology. The term has been used since 2005, when the work of Rafael Ballagas «BYOD: Bring Your Own Device» was published for the first time. The meaning of BYOD in education is that a teacher does not forbid, but allows and motivates students to bring their own devices to an educational institution and use them in the classroom. The use of BYOD technology in education provides an opportunity to solve current industry problems:


Firstly, it is the increasingly felt problem of «what to do with students` mobile phones in the educational institution?». The mass practice today is to ban their use, which is understandable and understandable. But it is also understandable that the bans are being violated by many students. According to recent opinion polls, 63% of teenagers admit that they use their mobile phones to send sms messages during classes, despite teachers` bans. Clearly, the smaller and more powerful mobile devices will become. BYOD technology is the way to «legalize» them and turn them from enemies into allies.


Secondly, the use of BYOD technology allows students to work online and get processed results in a short time, take surveys, not waste time working with different teaching materials, create their own bookmarks, log in to a personal account without a username and password, etc. Apart from fun, there is another important aspect here - saving time, which now does not have to be spent on unnecessary activities like finding the concept of «economics» in a textbook, drawing a graph or writing down a quotation. It may seem like a small thing, but in the classroom, these fussy steps usually take five to 15 minutes. With BYOD, that time can be spent on more important things - discussions, personal consultations, collaborative work.



Fig.2. The principle of BYOD


BYOD technology opens up new opportunities to increase students` motivation to learn a subject, as well as to increase the interactivity of the learning process.





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